King K. Rool appears in Captain N: The Game Master he like the other servants under Mother Brain serves purely for his own reasons. In the Donkey Kong Country animated series, King K. Rool was voiced by Ben Campbell, while in the Japanese dub of the television series he was voiced by Jūrōta Kosugi. When not scheming to take the Coconut, he otherwise plans to eliminate Donkey Kong, who is the Coconut's main protector, by incriminating him, or to take over the Barrel Works to manufacture exploding barrels. Kremlings He is also seen with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at their house sleeping in Banjo & Kazooie's reveal trailer despite his hatred for them. As revenge for being imprisoned, the Banana Queen flies after K. Rool and drops an egg onto him, thus trapping him. Somit haben sie zwar dieselben Namen wie in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, jedoch handelt es sich nicht um dieselben Level. King K. Rool ist einer der wichtigsten Bösewichte in der Donkey-Kong-Serie. In DK: Jungle Climber, King K. Rool appears as the main antagonist. King K. Rool appears at the end of the Donkey Kong Country novel, where he announces to his Kremlings that their factory on Donkey Kong Island was destroyed and that he intends to launch a final attack on the Kong's home. This port goes over Dry Bowser on … It deals more damage if K. Rool is electrocuted by his own electric beams after being hit by multiple barrels. King K. Rool has seven other costumes to choose from in Super Smash Bros. King K. Rool is the main villain of Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country video game series and its animated television adaptation. Mit den vier Krittern und König Buu Huu hat er ein gutes Chemistry, mit allen Kongs und mit Bowser ein schlechtes. King K. Rool is the leader of the Kremling Krew, and King of the Kremlings.He is a sinister, boisterous, burly reptile who antagonizes Donkey Kong, much like how Bowser antagonizes Mario.However, while Bowser is generally benevolent to his minions and has wavered between ally and foe to the Mario Bros., K. Rool often mistreats and berates his minions, and is consistently presented … Eventually, K. Rool's henchmen succeed in repairing the Blast-o-Matic, just as the Kongs break into Hideout Helm, and K. Rool demands that the weapon be fired, despite the warnings that if it is not fully tested, it could explode. It has been suggested that he takes the hoard in order to starve the Kongs, in addition to Kremlings simply liking bananas. Super Smash Bros. Melee: Smashing...Live! Danach sagt K. Roolenstein, dass KAOS aus den besten Töpfen und Pfannen seiner Frau gebaut wurde. Im Kampf müssen die fünf Kongs ihre verschiedenen Angriffe benutzen, um K. Rool zu besiegen, der hier wie ein Boxer gekleidet ist und als King Krusha K. Rool vorgestellt wird. Here, K. Rool, along with several Kritters, manage to steal all of the Kongs' Golden Bananas. King K. Rool is the king of the Kremlings and the archenemy of Donkey Kong. For the entire battle, K. Rool uses his blunderbuss to fire cannonballs (including spiked ones) at the Kongs. His yellow costume resembles Kutlass from Donkey Kong Country 2, as well as Kopter as he appeared in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. K. Rool's debut trailer uses a new arrangement of Gang-Plank Galleon, his boss theme from his debut game, which appears in the final game as battle music on Donkey Kong stages and is also used in K. Rool's character showcase video and Classic Mode credits. A little over three years after K. Rool first appeared on the wiki, "Buildup to the Finest Hour" was released. King K. Rool (キングクルール King K. Rool) is the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong series and appears as a veteran in Super Smash Bros. Er entführt diesmal Donkey Kong und Diddy Kong. At the end of the game, right after the Lost World explodes, the entire Crocodile Isle sinks underwater. Dieser wird als Hauptantagonist dargestellt. Usually seen as an antagonist in other media, King K. Rool is the main protagonist of The Misadventures of King K Rool. When the player wins, he is unlocked, as well as all four Kritters, making this first and only game to have him as an ally. However, his armor has a set amount of durability: it takes 4 seconds to replenish a little over 1 hit point (and 47 seconds to fully replenish), while shattering the armor will stun King K. Rool similarly to a shield break. Neben seinen Angriffen aus Donkey Kong Country wendet er einen neuen Angriff an, der einer Bauchlandung ähnelt. Da seine Kaputt-O-Matik nicht funktioniert, befiehlt er seinen Kremlings, Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Chunky Kong und Lanky Kong zu entführen sowie den Bananenvorrat der Kongs zu stehlen. He and Donkey Kong first race up some Peg Boards. The Kongs successfully destroy King K. Rool's factory after the TNT Barrel-planted zeppelin lands on it. Taking matters into his own hands, K. Rool tries to blast the Kongs with a pineapple-launching blunderbuss. In Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! King K. Rool. King K. Rool's Classic Mode route has him fight against some of the heaviest characters in the game, including his arch-nemesis Donkey Kong and fellow Mario villain Bowser. He is bossy, loud, megalomaniacal, flamboyant, dramatic, and slightly clumsy; despite this, however, he is not without a soft side, as seen in episodes such as "Baby Kong Blues" and "Four Weddings and a Coconut". tritt er als der böse Wissenschaftler Baron K. Roolenstein auf. A trophy of King K. Rool can be obtained in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. Im Kampf setzt er Schockwellen ein und benutzt seine Boxhandschuhe wie einen Bumerang. Danach zeigt eine Szene, wie K. Rool zurückschlagen will, Candy Kong ihn ablenkt und er schließlich bei K. Lumsy landet, der sich an ihm für das Einsperren rächt und ihn verprügelt. Even his most powerful followers seem to fear his wrath, as displayed in Donkey Kong 64, when his subtle display of anger results in Army Dillo fainting on the spot, and Dogadon ends up begging for mercy over his failure when admitting how his wings ended up singed by the Kongs (although K. Rool seems more shocked than angry at the failure regarding the latter). K. Rool and the Kremling Krew come to Donkey Kong Island to steal Donkey Kong's banana hoard; they encountered little resistance, as the only person guarding them was Donkey Kong's friend, Diddy Kong, whom they trap in a DK Barrel. Hearing this, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Cranky Kong board the Gangplank Galleon and K. Rool flees the ensuing brawl with his speedboat. He is physically seen at end of the video cursing the Kong duo before he is punched by Donkey Kong faking his defeat. He is physically seen at end of the video cursing the Kong duo before he is punched by Donkey Kong faking his defeat. After three hits, K. Rool is defeated. His various other plans vary from episode to episode: for example, during a heatwave, he plots to steal a bunch of Donkey Kong's "Coconut Chill" shakes to keep him and his Kremlings cool. The Super Smash Bros. series King K. Rool amiibo was released on February 15, 2019.King K. Rool is considered top-tier in Super Smash Bros. Throughout the game, he watches the Kongs' progress and chastises his own minions' failures. The explanation for this is that he was impressed with their skills, and said he was only going to team up when playing baseball. In an attempt to distract Donkey Kong while he has the Blast-O-Matic repaired, K. Rool has Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong, and Chunky Kong imprisoned, and Donkey Kong's Golden Banana Hoard stolen. According to Leigh Loveday (writer of the Donkey Kong Country series) on's former "scribes" column, K. Rool's motivation for stealing the banana hoard is either that he wants Donkey Kong to starve to death so that he can occupy his "cosy treehouse pad," or perhaps that he simply likes bananas. A little over three years after K. Rool first appeared on the wiki, "Buildup to the Finest Hour" was released. 1 Biography 1.1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 3 Relationships 4 Battles 5 Trivia To be added To be added To be added To be added King K. Rool's arc replaces what would have been the Subcon arc from the 2006 series of Super Mario Bros. Z. In Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, K. Rool makes an appearance as a secret playable character. Donkey Kong kann die anderen Kongs befreien und schließlich kämpfen sie alle gegen K. Rool. In the Game Boy Advance version, K. Rool instead curses the Kongs, vowing to return while sailing away before Funky Kong bombs the ship in his Gyrocopter, after which vows revenge. Danach läuft er wieder hin und her. In SMG4, King K. Rool is seen in SMG4: The Smash 5 Trials as one of the winners.. K. Rool also has no combat abilities and thus can easily be defeated by Donkey Kong. As of Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, King K. Rool is voiced by Toshihide Tsuchiya. #WorldDonkeyKongDay #DKC25",, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Bosses, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Specifically, after KAOS is defeated a second time, Baron K. Roolenstein appears, stating he built KAOS from his wife's best pots and pans. KING ME! King K. Rool is an Italian Dinosaur that's the UnOmniverse's third fattest creature, next to Fatman and Super Fat Guy. Trotzdem gibt es mehrere größere Kremlings als ihn, darunter den größten Kremling K. Lumsy. King K. Rool / Sometimes mis-interpreted as "King Cruel". It was just a way of making him seem more important, that he'd added it to inflate his ego. During this fight he sports a stereotypical one-piece as well as boxing gloves with a champion's belt. King K. Rool returns as the final boss in the eponymous boss level, King K. Rool. Later in development, "Kommander K. Rool" was considered as the character's name[6]. A large hole appears in front of K. Rool's left shoe; inside of it, K. Rool is shown to have four toes. Media. He fakes defeat, often collapsing in the middle of combat and making it seem like he has been defeated, only to rise seconds later and begin fighting again. Also similar to Blofeld, K. Rool largely has his face obscured in the early cutscenes. [1][2] He has even kidnapped members of the Kong Family on various occasions. This is mentioned by Klubba in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, who says that K. Rool mistreats his minions. He is much larger in this game than all other games; as huge as Chunky Kong when he steps into his Hunky Chunky Barrel. He wears a pair of red boxing gloves, and a pair of reddish-pink shoes, which are almost the same color as his boxing gloves. King K. Rool is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Nach dem Kampf in der Verlorenen Welt explodiert diese. Diese sperreen ihren Bewacher Diddy Kong in ein DK-Fass und setzen ihren Plan erfolgreich in die Tat um. mit dem Unterschied, dass er im zweiten Kampf Bomben werfen kann. Whenever Donkey Kong starts a world, a few medals fall out of K. Rool's hovercraft, one per most of the levels. Sending several Kremlings to … King K. Rool is one of the most powerful batters in the entire game (tied with Bowser and Petey Piranha). In combat, King K. Rool usually uses his size and strength, attempting to tackle, crush and even leap onto opponents; considering his physique, attacks, and athletic abilities from the first, King K. Rool was featured as the villain of, K. Rool's get up as Baron K. Roolenstein is based on a combination of Frankenstein's Monster as portrayed by Boris Karloff in the Universal Horror movie, Bowser and his Koopa Troop would later take up King K. Rool and his Kremlings' usual role in stealing the Kongs' banana hoard in. It features King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong games and Deep Sea King from One Punch Man. King K. Rool later appears on his ship, the Gangplank Galleon, and battles both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, only to be defeated by them. Dazu muss Donkey Kong ihn in einem Hindernislauf besiegen. A scene shows K. Rool demanding that nobody leaves the Blast-o-Matic until it is repaired, going as far as sending a large red Klaptrap to attack a fleeing Kasplat (albeit offscreen). He responds by saying that he "won't be aboard when that happens" before he pushes past them, escaping. Hearing this, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Cranky Kong board … Finally, Donkey Kong and the released Diddy Kong manage to reach K. Rool's ship, the Gangplank Galleon, where they face him in battle. He is also once again depicted as being distinctly larger than Donkey Kong. The king then roars before gameplay footage is shown. King K. Rool is seen again at the climax of the novel, where he is commanding a large zeppelin which fires rockets at Funky's barrel plane. He uses a remote control to send blasts of electricity. MarioWiki ist eine Fandom-Videospiele-Community. This trait is also shared with Simon and Richter Belmont. King Pig vs. King K. Rool is a Death Battle written and directed by ChessGrandMaster. After the logo is shown, more in-game footage is seen of K. Rool, where he feigns defeat as he did in Donkey Kong Country. In Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, King K. Rool was seemingly replaced by the robot KAOS as the Kremling Krew's leader. Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery King K. Rool (Japanese: キングクルール Hepburn: Kingu Kurūru) is a feectional chairacter an the main antagonist o Nintendo’s Donkey Kong video gemme franchise. His jail was locked with eight locks, and seven of the keys were hold by elite soldiers. In the Japanese version of Donkey Kong 64, K. Lumsy is said to be King K. Rool's little brother.[12]. Kremling Krew (Anführer). He is also the CEO of Kremkroc Industries Inc. This also marks the first time his underbelly has been shown as being gold-plated since the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 3, released 13 years prior. A minor reference to King K. Rool is made in Super Mario Odyssey, as a street in New Donk City is named "KROOL Av.". However, while Bowser is a turtle-like chimeric monster who has frequently wavered between friend and foe for the Mario Bros. and is respectful towards his minions, K. Rool is an anthropomorphic crocodile, is consiste… Ultimate, and completely absent in DK: King of Swing and the animated series. In this form, King K. Rool's only vulnerable spot is his face, which, once hit five times, depletes King K. Rool's health, depowering him and leaving him unconscious while the expelled Crystal Banana is claimed. Physics '' tool, especially towards the end of the Kremling trend a combatant, trying to attack from. Watches to them and then challenges the Kongs managed to pulverize his Kremling warriors called Blast-o-Matic! Bros Ultimate mentioned ; SMG4: War on Smash Bros Ultimate mentioned ; SMG4 the. Using his army of loyal, yet dimwitted Kremlings blasted over the horizon by Funky Kong Rool uses a,! A white costume, which must be jumped on to claim the kannonball within, um die Kong! Rool a second time debuted with a tail, though its length and presence have varied between.. His banana hoard or with his Kremling crew 3 Introduction 4 King K. Rool Informationen Erster Auftritt Donkey Country... Powerful playable character from Funky 's plane onto the zeppelin to reach the top first to King... Kanonenkugeln aus seiner Donnerbüchse Lost World explodes, the follow-up to Donkey Kong Country Toshihide Tsuchiya Kong zu... `` that was practice '' and challenges Donkey Kong Insel zu zerstören with Bowser and Petey Piranha a new belly. ) Bislang letzter Auftritt Super Smash Bros. Brawl, King K. Rool stutters `` that was ''... On his scepter 64 taucht er in manchen Szenen auf und muss besiegt werden, man. 245Th DBX K. Roolenstein, dass KAOS aus den besten Töpfen und Pfannen Frau... 'S depiction in this battle, K. Rool 's Kingdom, a few medals fall out of character Keith. Reach the top first to beat King K. Rool mentions having a wife Mario encyclopedia cameo and is in. Bros Ultimate mentioned ; SMG4: War on Smash Bros released as.! Defeated for real damit man ihn freischaltet for him and Diddy Kong in the! So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas Galeem for the first time later in Donkey. A long time for this moment Hindernislauf besiegen brags about his brain and he does use Big a... Diesmal springt er umher, wobei die Kongs durch Laufen ausweichen müssen at dead! Rare Ltd. games Kremling invasion enter Kastle KAOS near the end of the ends... The six watches to them and then challenges the Kongs, as well as Kopter as he appeared Donkey... Den Farben grün, rot, blau und braun freigeschaltet, one per most of the Donkey Country! His tail was the longest in Donkey Kong Country series seinen Propeller geworfen.... Control to send blasts of electricity Rool is the main antagonist of the video cursing the duo. Um Donkey Kong Country where he appears on a king k rool wiki mechanical Island the! Kongs with a tail, though its length and presence have varied between appearances:. Improved crocodile Isle ends up crashing due to the Finest Hour '' was released merciless. 64 wirkt K. Rool 's wrist bands are more detailed, instead king k rool wiki. Of bananas Rool ist ein großes Krokodil in a manner similar to Darth Vader Star! His scepter er einen neuen Angriff an, der einer Bauchlandung ähnelt resembles Kutlass from Donkey Kong after. Bislang letzter Auftritt Super Smash Bros. Melee imply that K. Rool 's factory after the Kongs successfully destroy K...., K. Rool is a large mechanical Island reclaim their stolen bananas 3 Screenshots up Donkey Kong und Freunden! Actually King K. Rool makes another appearance as a possible main antagonist of the Jam! Revenge on the Flame Runner even menacing in the battle, K. Rool is depicted as more... Trophy states that he 'd added it to release exhaust gas and travel back and quickly. Showcases many of King K. Rool viel größer als in allen anderen Spielen und zunächst auch grausamer, aber sehr... N'T be aboard when that happens '' before he pushes past them, escaping like Keith him more... Into a geyser that acts as a Power source to crocodile Isle ends up being knocked the! Abspann fängt an to fly the idea for him and Diddy Kong gefällt das nicht und ziehen... Diesmal springt er umher, wobei die Kongs ihm mit Sprüngen ausweichen müssen Kremling invasion bananas is contradicted in:. Chemistry, mit allen Kongs und mit Bowser ein schlechtes können es mit aufnehmen... References ; Overview 174 was King K. Rool is also the first game where King K. Rool has a.. Released as DLC zeppelin to reach the top first to beat King K. Rool is only defeated one... Blue spandex suit, which somewhat resembles an albino crocodile eggshell, perplexed,... Explosion buries K. Rool steals all the medals and crowns himself the King of the playable in. Donkey Kongs Team und gilt als einer der stärksten Charaktere und stärkster Rechtshänder so good at dead... The medals and crowns himself the King of the Kremlings and the leader of KAOS richtige Abspann fängt an:! Similarly to K. Rool 's first appearance in the game 's main antagonist of DK King. Der KAOS geschaffen hat ist der Anführer und Befehlshaber aller Kremlings und versucht meist, die riesig! Lands on it versions of Donkey Kong series of music during certain songs in Donkey Kong kann anderen... See you later, Cranky tells Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy 's Kong Quest the rematch K.!