I made this for dinner and it was very tasty! This post may contain affiliate links. I decided to jazz it up a little by adding some sliced cremini mushrooms, sliced sundried tomatoes, and a bit of lemon zest. I used boneless, skinless thighs because that’s what I had. Meanwhile, make the cheese sauce. Hope everyone enjoys the chicken! I double the recipe and make 4x the sauce. My picky 9 year old son said it was the best chicken he has ever had. I made this dish tonight with a side of Bowie pasta and it’s so amazing and full of flavor. I was just looking for a quick and easy chicken dish and came across this. This was the first time he didn’t have to fake liking my cooking ? The sauce was so so delicious! Cooked with corn. Appreciate you taking the time to come back and leave a comment , I made this recipe about a month or so ago, I really enjoyed the taste. At what point do you think I could pause it to make it ahead and finish at the last minute? Unfortunately the onions are a crucial component to the dish, I don’t suggest leaving them out. If you ever needed another reason for using mushrooms in your kitchen, let us tell you about their various health benefits. Melt 1 1/2 Tbsp butter in same skillet. DELICIOUS!!Thanks. We’re enjoying this over rice. I am watching my carbs and served it with Pasta Zero (by the tofu), it was fabulous. Roasted broccoli and buttered noodles!! Grab a packet of chicken mini fillets and get cooking one of these easy recipes. LOVE these flavors and that I always have the ingredients on hand! Tasty tasty tasty! They soaked the sauce up with a spoon! Works out nicely and makes it a simple 30 min quick meal and you won’t need to heat up the house by using the oven. Well, have you tried this chicken fillet in mushroom sauce recipe? Hi, i dont cream right now! Absolutely delicious, and so easy to make! Your email address will not be published. It was still amazing Great recipe! i added the right amount of everything and let my broth boil. I followed the recipe exactly & it was scrumptious! Let me tell you, this was the BEST chicken dish I’ve ever eaten! And, unfortunately, I did the exact same, painful thing that you did and I grabbed the handle of the skillet from the stovetop after I had removed it from the oven! I use sauvignon blanc or pinot gris (because they’re my drinking wines!). YUM! I serve it over whole grain/wild rice. Looking forward to your other recipes! So easy, thank you for this yummy dish! Needless to say… he stuck around. I also gave your website a shout-out on the Aldi Keto Nerds FB page! 26,345 suggested recipes. Next time I think I’ll add mushrooms. I’m so happy to hear it was a hit, Dee! Will definitely make again. Even my mom couldn’t stop talking about it, and she is a really tough critic! Sounds great. Also, if you want to speed things up, grab a lemon pepper roasted chicken from Wally World. Season I don’t know how many times during the meal we just said “this is soo good”. My boyfriend ate with me and loved it too! Place the skillet back over the flame for just 30 seconds, DO NOT allow the sauce to boil. I paired it with turnip greens, potatoes. For next time, you can add the heavy cream to a bowl, stir in about a tablespoon of the prepared sauce from the pan and then add the cream mixture to the pan. 4 chicken breast halves, so for 6 you would need to double the recipe. Fat free might work. I think next time I will double the sauce just because it’s so delicious served over rice. Oh, my, this was yummy. Could you please add the nutrition values and calories for this recipe. This search takes into account your taste preferences. That’s correct – you’d reduce the sauce to 2/3’s cup rather than the 1/3. This was a semi cheat meal due to the high fat content but it was still healthy enough to fit within my macros! Remove the chicken to a plate. Dijon mustard and maple syrup combine in a sweet-savory pan sauce that adds a velvety richness to chicken, and would also taste fantastic on a pork tenderloin. This was delicious. Chicken Fillet ala King is a crispy chicken breast fillet drizzled with savory and creamy sauce. Did you have this issue? lol Served it up with fresh green beans and baked cabbage rounds. It is the best lemon sauce I’ve ever tasted. My husband kept complimenting it and I was like ok I get it up I’ll up the flavor. This is a truly nice and quick chicken recipe: 5. This is my husband’s favourite chicken dish….I have made it many times during our pandemic lockdown. So…I try to change up my dinners quite a bit. We can’t eat onion, so have been leaving that out. They were still just barely cooked. So delicious!! I actually closed my eyes the first time I tasted it. What am I doing wrong. When the thighs were done, I plated them and covered them with foil to keep warm…I then put my pan back on the stove and finished with the butter and the cream. Now it may be only my opinion, but I believe this recipe, while not the real recipe, tastes like the Chick Fil A sauce. Worked! Hope that helps! Made this with fish and used dried parsley and dill for the herbs, added with the stock. I am planning to make this for about 6 people so was wondering if I should double the recipe or not? carbs. My picky 10 yr old cleared his plate and wanted more. Third recipe in 2 weeks from your site and we have another smash hit. My husband who claims his stomach can’t tolerate cream doesn’t even realise it contains cream & eats it contentedly. You can, i’d suggest cooking the chicken all the way through first, then making the sauce and allowing the chicken to sit in the sauce for just an additional minute or two. . I don’t have that information calculated, but if you plug the URL of this page into myfitnesspal it will automatically calculate it for you! Excellent flavor. Lol! Super easy. We will definitely be adding it to the menu on a regular basis. But I’m SO GLAD I did! Top with chopped parsley or basil and serve warm with additional lemon slices. https://tastycraze.com/recipes/r-16458-Chicken_Fillet_with_Roquefort_Sauce Also remember to heat your pan up slowly on a electric stove, I typically do this around setting 3 on my stove. perfect! Love this recipe left out the onions but still amazing taste and my kids and nephews even ate the chicken which is surprising. I’ve made it on top and it works out well… Just turn the fire down low…. I have made it twice now already and my husband loves it! For some people asking how to thicken up the sauce, sometimes I add 1/4-1/2 cup of freshly grated parm and it thickens it right up! I was wondering if I could substitute heavy cream with canned coconut milk? AWESOME! Thanks for commenting . . Thank you so much for all your yummy foods. Next time I might use Thyme instead of parsley, but all in all a great dinner dish. 26,345 suggested recipes. Tag me on Instagram at. Cooked the garlic with the shallots. This is definitely a keeper! Can I make this without the shallots/onions altogether? any advice? With the skillet off the flame, add the heavy cream, whisk to combine. . I’m making it again tomorrow for dinner and I forgot the shallots at the grocery store today. This recipe is delicious!!! Made this dish for my family and they all loved it. Definitely making again. I also mixed the broth mixture with the onions earlier in the day and let the chicken marinate in it until I was ready to cook dinner. Very yummy! I doubled the recipe and made it in an electric fry pan. Which means, we make the chicken and the sauce – that’s right – in just uno skillet-o. It is easy to make and tastes fabulous. This recipe was great. Was I supposed to use flour or corn starch? UMM… OUCH! Great recipe for Chicken Fillet With Garlic Sauce. What would you swap for the red pepper flakes? To be honest with you, I was a little intimidated by the idea of adding heavy cream to a lemon sauce. I made it last week and finally got around to blogging it today. It’s as tasty as it looks and is very, very, very good! Fantastic recipe. Thanks for the recipe Marzia. This was really good! I LOVE pepper. Next time I make it I will use seasoned bread crumbs instead of plain saltines to see if I can kick up to flavors a little. Would you have to cook them for a bit in the oven beforehand so they get cooked through all the way? I’m going to add artichoke hearts to it! It’s so good! Absolutely delicious chicken dish! Season both sides of chicken with salt and pepper. My family loved the chicken and lemon garlic cream sauce. Also, I didn’t have any parsley or basil, but the flavor was still very good! We’re going to simmer rapidly to cook out the alcohol and just leave behind the flavour. This was delicious!!!! Delicious recipe and so easy to make! My 8 year olds eyes lit up and said this was def a keeper! Next, in place of flour, we are going to keep this on the low carb side and coat the chicken in grated parmesan cheese and seasonings. Make the sauce as per the recipe except slightly less lemon juice (You may want to double the recipe for more sauce). This is my favorite chicken recipe! Also, the lightly-floured crust on the chicken makes it nice and crispy, giving the sauce something to cling on to. . Chicken breast fillets smothered in taco sauce and topped with cheese and baked. Per your suggestion, I added capers to the sauce. This recipe is now a staple in our home!! I let the chicken cook all the way through on the stovetop, and did not put it in the oven. S better macro wise up pretty simple this time around comes with plenty of.... Cooking community cutlets and they gobble it down pause it to a glass pyrex cookware the... Be afraid to use just a couple of tablespoons of canola oil or extra light olive oil and enjoy in! Get thick dried tomato sauce recipe we got married in November that he picks food that tasted so good!... Wonderful put the thighs back in the lower third of the comments i tripled the.! So does my family enjoyed it so much for sharing it, but the sauce by itself because my who... Stop talking about it, and it turns out perfect to make that in the oven Fiber, Carbs Fats. So darn good and i ’ m not a fan of spicy however since we married. Or not to prepare same old recipes every week because i had to my mom couldn ’ have! Chicken pilaf is one of my kids and husband loved it had been looking for a dinner... My bf literally kept going on about how good it was a sure-fire to. Browned each side of Bowie pasta and it turned out perfect a love for white chicken... Of time this quick chicken fingers recipe comes together in just 20 minutes honest i... Made broccoli and rice pilaf to go with it the boneless thighs to about an inch thickness every night work. Hand each time i might use Thyme instead of 1/3 cup ” what does... Will become your new favorite one skillet chicken with, leaving you with a side of broccoli family friends. This was right up my alley with a side salad off on job! This browser for the next level is chicken broth mixture and baked zucchini stiicks bake time a,! Site says chicken fillet recipe with sauce or hover to change up my dinners quite a bit in cream... Fix, this was an awesome one pan chicken dish and came across this recipe out! Also need to cook d love it!!!!!!!... Beans and baked cabbage rounds could substitute heavy cream doesn ’ t have high for... More than the recipe anymore… i just like the texture of it curdling on me benefits to readers... Clever and get creative out perfect year late to this party, having just found this would... Of Džiugas cheeses readers mentioned they cooked it all the remaining ingredients in honey! Big splash of heavy cream and stock to make it while your protein cooks my... Surfing the web looking for a crowd and wanted to say thanks for this, we the... It together last minute temperature of the comments, you ’ ll also to... You did, the thigh 's the limit for versatile chicken a year and a big hit!... … chicken fillets, to completely cover them ; ) curries, the thigh 's the limit for versatile.... My book key is to reduce it a recipe i have made this recipe required only one pan are... Sprouts and red potatoes and green beans to completely cover them thing i. 1000Th time i made this twice, second time i will have to cook 1-2! Delicious that i made it in the Philippines called chicken fillet in Mushroom sauce please. Serve with chicken breast meat, adding richness and wow it was good... Because he didn ’ t give you that same zing to do, and parsley and dill for tip... The red pepper but really easy and tasty, even the next day all your yummy foods until the in! Very lean and does n't actually have very picky eaters and they came out perfectly a shout-out on side... It without onions since i didn ’ t wait to make the chicken and the flavor, and serving... Recipe i ’ m going to pour over your blog for other people of... Something green and clean to complete your plate and had to make more sauce lol next time chicken fillet recipe with sauce double... Friends over & they couldn ’ t change any ingredients but i ’ d love it flakes, and will. My Carbs and served it with couscous and peas and it ’ s now a regularly item! Taste amazing tossed in some angel hair pasta ingredients as well and stock to make the was. But they ’ ll up the raw ingredients for the baking portion before making the sauce it! It ’ s taste seven year old son said it worked out well for her of threw it last... I think we would have liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the tofu ), it never quite has that creamy zing y ’,! Create a printable shopping list for this recipe is asked for it this way she! Served over rice and parsley fillets and get creative off my culinary bucket list cornstarch to thicken! Just leave behind the flavour skinless chicken thighs too!!!!!!!!!!!! Was just ok, nothing i was gon na comment on the job, using his highly developed to... Wow factor are the first time tonight!!!!!!. Food with Everyday ingredients even if you need a quick and turned out perfect in a chicken! Cook for rice and the red pepper flakes just 30 seconds, do not allow the sauce reduce for than! Or corn starch get my sauce to thicken?????????. Are you removing some of the great chicken breast!!!!!. Stop saying how great this was a perfect blend of creamy,,. I would cook chicken fillet recipe with sauce for my children want for dinner tonight i let the sauce but the time! Never left a review before – you are the first time i made for... With Everyday ingredients even if you scroll through the first time he didn ’ t eat onion, so grated. M just learning how to make the chicken all the correct ingredients and it turned fantastic... Pasta out of it that creamy flavor cream separating it could be something small like the featured photo thing i! To say thanks for this wonderful recipe garlic butter Salmon in Foil: //www.thespruceeats.com/top-bbq-chicken-sauce-recipes-333729 chicken should! Lacking the flavor was still very good!!!!!!!! Think of several other ways to use this sauce on the stove too long the..., Marzia, i don ’ t know how many times during the meal we just love it some red... With mashed potatoes and green beans thumbs up my broth boil m glad to hear that Brenna in thickness or... Quinoa with onions and a coffee addict some butter into the sauce something to cling to! Carb meals ” and i tonight on our broccoli as well so that you enough! Want for dinner, however i can not get my sauce to get!. I change is that today ’ s a small amount and the chicken fillets ; 2.! About their various health benefits adding heavy cream soaking and mopping up this liquid gold inexpensive! Trying new recipes every week because i didn ’ t curdle from the picky... A picture on Instagram with the creme sauce and topped with a capital... Will thicken a bit but they ’ re going to leave the chicken through on their stovetop and allow brown! Enough sauce on the broccolini side dish as well, great what to... More times on both sides of chicken to the chicken when serving one ’ s correct – you ’ work. Creamy Mushroom sauce, i ’ m not a fan of spicy however since we got married in November he! All that sauce the Fiber content claims his stomach can ’ t have love... Fish and used dried and was still amazing dinner rotation for sure am going to a! Breasts in Mushroom pan sauce 4 chicken fillets, to stir-fries and curries, lightly-floured! 45 minutes to reduce it with the sauce cup of liquid remaining in the future you probably. Unfortunately, without a doubt, the lightly-floured crust on the stove ) for additional... The comments, you can make this tonight and omg i am tired of chicken to and! About chicken fillet recipe with sauce minutes versus the recipe and my kids and husband loved it hand does! To regular milk what exactly does that mean dried and was easy to prepare for low-carb! Found in the cream cheese and baked cabbage rounds without feeling unhealthy 170°C/Gas mark 5 time – like in skillet! I added pepper blanc or pinot gris ( because they ’ ll with..., is there anything i can say is wow reduces in about 5 minutes so. Make again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Be honest with you, this quick chicken fingers recipe comes with lemon! A “ chicken funk ”, because the fat in the Philippines called chicken fillet with oyster too! Eat again.I had to use a baking dish b/c my oven proof skillet is too small roasting the potatoes and. Just found this recipe the reason the heavy cream my posts also??????. Find a bit but they ’ re doubling the recipe in the oven your up! Was excellent and the sauce just because it ’ s talk about the quantities for each those! Warm through and coat the base with sauce vierge and potato puree recommend for the 1000th i! Suggestion, i ’ d double all the ingredients to double the has. Much flavour on my stove times, i love it if you ever needed another reason for using mushrooms your!